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December 09, 2019


Alyce Eden is a Sydney based photographer living in Freshwater, capturing fashion, portraits, weddings and branding content.  Recently, armed with just a camera, a hire car and some of her favourite Staple the Label summer pieces, she explored the picturesque South Island of New Zealand to capture these beautiful images.

She was also kind enough to answer some questions about her photography work, where she finds inspiration, and her favourite place to shoot.

Alyce wears the Horizon Boxy Tee and Raffia Belted Crop Pants

1. What's your favourite country to shoot in and why?

Monument Valley in the US is has been my most inspirational location to shoot.  I love the vast landscapes and the earthy tones.  Manifesting that next trip back!

2. What makes a trademark Alyce Eden photograph?

The way I like to portray my style is focusing more on natural beauty and tones, and less about accentuating the normal "sex sells" visual.  I love working with plants, organic shapes and general beauty of the land.

3. What is your favourite subject to photograph?

I always find myself photographing portraits.  Focusing on individual and unique features especially when using natural light.

Alyce wears the Canopy Cami and Acacia Ruffled Midi Skirt

4. What inspires you?

It's hard to pick one or even just a few things that inspire me.  I love the warm morning light, nature and plants, eyeballs, organic forms, even fresh boots that I'll never wear.  I think it's important to draw your creativity and inspiration from anywhere and any situation.  As an artist this makes you able to adapt to all projects.

5. What made you pursue a career as a photographer?

I tried everything else and it didn't work...more seriously, I love capturing a moment, an up-close feature or object, or even a vibe.  Being a photographer gives you the opportunity to show how you see something through a visual snapshot.

6. How would you describe your photography style?

I love to focus on more than just a moment or object.  I love being able to almost feel the grain in the photo, or feel the wind in the bride's dress.  Natural light and tones to bring out the true beauty.

7. Champagne or cocktails?

Por que no los dos? - Old El Paso advert. (translation: why don't we have both?)

Alyce wears the Solitaire Midi Dress


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