March 11, 2020

Established photographer duo Arran Critchley and Julia Linkogel took to the streets of Paris to capture Staple’s autumn collection; setting the tone for warm and stylish dressing for the season ahead.


Here is Staple’s exclusive interview with the talented duo in the wake of the new season launch.


How did you two come to work with one another and what roles do you play in the partnership?

Arran and I never planned to start this partnership! It actually began by accident…We'd been working as individuals for some time before joining forces, crossing paths a few times through models we’d worked with, a few Instagram messages here and there and even going against one another for the same jobs at times… In the beginning, we knew of each other as photographers within the same industry bubble. Eventually, Arran and I decided to meet in person outside the film shop I used to get my 35mm developed in London called Aperture, we went for a coffee, which led to another coffee…and another, and at some point, Arran mentioned combining our passion for photography and start an adventure travelling the world, creating stories for the brands, working together as a complete 2-person duo….and from that point onwards the rest is history.


Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you want to get into the industry?

Arran has a degree in Graphic Design and worked in advertising for around 4 years before pursuing photography full time and my original passion, which I did over many years, was music production. So I think we both have a natural urge to create! With us, both pursuing photography in our spare time, naturally developing to a point where we had the opportunity to choose between passions, so we went with photography.

The main aspects of photography we both fell in love with, is the ability to meet new creatives everyday, travel and the freedom that comes with it….but don’t get me wrong, the level of work in the background that people don’t see is fairly intense!


Of all the places you’ve visited, which has been the most memorable?

Shooting in the tropical jungles of Indonesia has to be one of our most amazing experiences to date! Working with the incredible Bianca Mihoc - @bianca.mihoc


Do you only work on fashion editorials?

Arran and I work on an array of projects, from campaigns, social shoots to fashion editorials. One thing we keep consistent throughout, no matter what it is we’re working on, is storytelling, which is a super important element for us. It's those in-between moments that are best, most organic moments to capture! It's natural, honest and real.


Do you have any tips for an aspiring photographer who’s picking up a camera for the first time?

It takes time, patience and determination! Make sure you give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve goals by…don’t rush, enjoy the journey and you’ll climb the ladder soon enough…trust!











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