September 16, 2019

Gingham: the always popular spring trend

(via Stylecaster)

Somewhere along the line humans decided it would be cool to coordinate outfits with our favourite picnic blankets, and spring's enduring gingham trend was born.  These days, spring doesn't really feel like spring until we're all veritable collages of pastel-coloured gingham clothes.  No spring closet is complete without at least one eye-catching gingham piece; in fact, it's perhaps stranger to own no gingham at all than it is to wear all-gingham-everything.

Spring is a pretty maximalist season.  Emotionally exhausted by the dark palettes, solid colours and thick textiles that have pervaded our wardrobes all winter long, we enter spring fatigued by sartorial edginess and excited to embrace all the colour, prints and patterns we've eschewed for far too long.  Spring becomes a veritable hub of happiness, of fun, of hope.  And while this saturated spirit is evident in all of spring's most cyclical trends - florals, sundresses and pastel colours among them - none feel quite as bright, cheery and absolutely delightful as gingham.

Because no one wears gingham during the winter.  One can make the case for winter florals, sundresses repurposed as winter pieces, and the occasional pop of pastel in a sea of wintery neutrals.  But no one steps out in that specific breed of plaid unless the sun is shining and the weather is warm.  Gingham is reserved exclusively for the calendar's most inviting, most energising moments.  And now that those moments are here, we've only one thing left to do: shop spring's gingham trend.

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