March 10, 2020

Paris is a city rich in culture and full of life. If you have the opportunity to travel there, it is imperative to soak up every aspect, especially the cuisine.  

Foodies are spoilt for choice in Paris, with authentic Parisian cafes on every corner.

Here are 6 restaurants that are a must-do if you plan to visit. 

Café De Flore 

Established in 1885, Café De Flore is famously known for hosting a wealth of icons, serving the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Quentin Tarantino and Yves Saint Lauren. It’s no wonder this café continues to maintain its buzz.
The front terrace of Café De Flore has a breathtaking view overlooking the Boulevard Saint-Germain-Des-Pres. 
The café itself resembles somewhat of a vintage hideaway with a dusty brown mosaic-tiled floor and piercing red booths tucked behind mahogany themed furniture.  
The menu is as classic as French café food can be. From French onion soup to profiteroles, Café De Flore is the perfect place to get your fix of an everyday Parisian meal. 


Shakespeare and Company 

Shakespeare and Company is located in the heart of Paris, so much so that if you manage to reserve a table outside, you could leisurely sip your coffee with the Notre Dame Cathedral in full view. 
The café started out as a literary institution, housing like-minded literary creatives who wanted to share ideas with each other and work on their craft. 
It was only a matter of time before Shakespeare and Company expanded into a café business. By inviting everyday locals and tourists inside, others can now embrace that same experience. 
Shakespeare and Company has shelves of books as far as the eye can see and an ever-changing handwritten menu themed to pay tribute to all the greatest poets and writers of our time. 
 With an assortment of snacks such as bagels, homemade sandwiches and muffins, this spot is ideal if you are looking to have a light bite to eat.



For an authentic Parisian coffee, Fragments is the place to visit.  
The wooden tables are unfurnished, there are large vintage speakers sitting on the ground, the white brick walls are exposed and the main wall behind the counter is heroes by a poster of none other than Bruce Lee. Visiting Fragments will be a café experience like no other. 
You can certainly rely on this well-loved café to make the best of the best coffee in all of Paris, not to mention their Carrot cake is to-die-for.  
If you need more convincing, look no less than their unbelievably aesthetic Instagram feed. From 7 in the morning to 7 at night, Fragments is a bucket-list café that isn’t worth missing.


Holy Belly 

Holy Belly opened its first café in 2013. Known to be a Parisian take on a classic Aussie brunch spot, the café prides itself on quality produce and impeccable service. 
Holy Belly hosts two locations on the same street because they are simply that good. 
HB19 has a more chic café ambience with wide mirrors leant against tiled walls and leather booths tucked behind marble tables. 
 HB5, on the other hand, has a more relaxed interior with wooden tables and greenery scattered throughout café.
 Both menus offer an all-day breakfast selection including savoury pancakes, nutritious granola bowls and freshly baked bread. Sign us up!


Girafe Paris 

Girafe Paris is a contemporary seafood restaurant hidden in the heart of the Homme Museum.  
The restaurants interior design is next-level with art-deco light fixtures, beige toned furniture and a hint of greenery to add dimension.  
When you dine at Girafe Paris, you feel nothing short of luxury. This is mainly due to the marriage of breath-taking views of the Eiffel Tower, high-quality service and an exquisite menu. What isn’t to love? 
Girafe Paris is a must-do if you love your seafood. 


Chez Denise  

Traditional French cuisine tucked away in the centre of Paris, Cheze Denise gives you a cultural experience you didn’t even know you wanted. 
With checkerboard tablecloths, cobblestone walls, and dim lighting there isn’t much more to experience in terms of a real French bistro. 
The food is hearty and the ambience is warm and lively however your biggest struggle will most likely be deciding what delicious French meal you’ll order that night. 



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