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November 25, 2019


(via Stitch Fix)

30+ degree days mean the struggle is real.  One simple step to stay cool in the heat?  It's all in the fabrics you wear.  Check out this guide to the best 5 breathable summer fabrics to help you chill out this summer.

1. Cotton

Where to wear it?

Cotton is perfect for all climates, which is why it's widely worn and loved.  Wear this in dry heat or humidity, too.

What's the benefit?

This natural fibre allows air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, which makes heat more bearable.  It's like a built-in air-conditioner for your body.

Stylist tip: Remember, cotton can shrink in the dryer.  In the summer, take the extra minute to hang dry your cotton garments (it's hot anyway!).

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2. Rayon/Viscose

Where to wear it? 

Rayon is best in dry heat.  Since it's still not a natural fibre, it won't wick away moisture as well as cotton.

What's the benefit?

Rayon is a thinner thread than cotton, so it's great for delicate, lightweight clothing that drapes ever so well.

Stylist tip: Light coloured garments in white, cream and pastels don't absorb sunlight like dark colours do.  Wear them to stay cool.

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3. Linen

Where to wear it? 

Anywhere!  Linen was made for the heat.

What's the benefit?

Linen textiles are some of the oldest in the world - people have been wearing it for centuries, and for good reason.  The natural fibre and light weave allow for maximum breathability; the coolest of the cool.

Stylist tip: Wrinkles are part of the carefree, lived-in beauty of linen. Hate to iron? Lightly spray your garment with a water bottle and smooth over wrinkles with your hand.

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4. Blends

Where to wear it?

Synthetic fabrics are known for detracting moisture (think athletic wear), so they're great in humid climates.

What's the benefit?

Blended fabrics keep their shape and require little to no maintenance (like ironing!)

Stylist tip: Blended fabrics resist heat well, so you can wash and dry garments without worrying about damage or dreaded shrinkage. Machine washable = huge time saver!

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